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China's Worst Rout Since 2015 Has 3,257 Chinese Stocks Hit Daily Limit - Bloomberg

3,257 Chinese Stocks Hit Daily Limit - Bloomberg

Many traders unable to exit positions fast enough at reopen.

CSI 300 Index plunged as much as 9.1% intraday as selling hit!

According to Yahoo! Senior Editor-at-Large, Brian Sozzi, formerly Executive Editor of TheStreet, Coronavirus fears could cause worldwide decline in equities markets of approximately 10-20%.

Also by Brian Sozzi, 5 powerful tech companies now make up 18% of the stock market capitalization— here's why this could be a bad thing!

According to Goldman Sachs strategist David Kostin, that has put the S&P 500 in an unwelcome category: the dot com bubble. In 2000, Kostin notes, Microsoft, Cisco, General Electric, Intel and ExxonMobil also made up 18% of the S&P 500’s market cap. Obviously that didn’t end too well back in 2000 for the simplest of reasons.

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