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"Chevy"-The Next Vice-President of the United States of America

Updated: Feb 14

WHERE'S AL: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-02-13/california-elections-congressional-primaries OR 16% TMI AND INDIAN RIVER. WHAT THE HELL IS IPV4 DEBT CLOCK?
George Santayana - "If we do not learn from History, WE ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT": THESIS, ANTITHESIS, SYNTHESIS SSYS IN OPERATION L-RDSTOWNE, OHIO. SANDY SINGER, WHY DID YOU HANG UP ON ME, HAMANTASCHEN. Rabbi David Eisenman, aka Harold Ramis, aka Harold Axelrod. His son, Jason Katz, aka Jon Katz tried to KILL me with an Officer of the Day Divalproex: WWZ. Operation ZTE built with ECMASCRIPT - EFII DOVID ZIMAND AKA EPHRAIM BOROW. WHAT THE HELL WAS IN THE BAND-AID, TRACIE, GUEILLAM BARRET SYNDROME (16%).

Star of National Lampoon's Vacation Series, featuring "Zelda", AKA Allen Louis Zaklad, author of History, Area 51, as the GMC Station Wagon, and Rereleasing Caddyshack, Cornelius "Chevy" Chase is switching his alliances from Elizabeth Warren and putting his full faith and credit behind mike2020, Michael Rubens Bloomberg.

As the new candidates, they are campaigning on a platform of the resurgence in manufacturing for the Military-Industrial Complex with the introduction of the NEW F/A-18 to be manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri by McDonnell Douglas Corporation as directed by Boeing.com. The People's Republic of China is lining up to be the next customer of the reintroduced Boeing 747-8.

The PBOC, or People's Band of China, will continue to purchase USA T-Bills and T-Bonds despite the downdraft in the Chinese Equity Markets.

Cindy Morgan supports Elizabeth Warren, an opponent of conglomerates. The Videophone Generation, as originally conceived by Bell Laboratories at The St. Louis World's Fair, has been revolutionized by Google Hangouts. American Telephone and Telegraph, or AT&T, was broken up by the FTC and replaced by the Baby Bells, a complete disaster that nearly destroyed this country.

Former Delaware Governor, Jack Alan Markell is being appointed the next White House Press Secretary, replacing Saunders and supporting Michael Rubens Bloomberg as the next President of the United States of America, mike2020, replacing President Donald J. Trump.