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RF_ID32, Talmud Yerashalmi, a Night at MSG Attila the Hun, for Yadoo Sports for Exit Brexit

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words for the IPv4 Debt Clock.

pg_id32 for $6.99 USPS for HSBC. Broadway Video is Sanford C. Bernstein, the CCC of America Online, the Electric Horseman. Bricks and Mortars are the MOAV, produced by NOC.

NOCs, Mississippi LOCS, and Smoking Barrels, Agatha Christies International, 85% for FEMA.

Hal Holbrook, is The Godfather, Mario Puzzo.

Michael Caine is Q, the head of Mi-5. Ermedin Selmanovic is the Head of the IRA. Sinead O'Connor is the head of the Food Shelters and Food Kitchens and Planned Parenthood. Carli Fiorina is really Risa Cantor, the HR of Mondelo Especial, the owners of McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Anheuser Busch, etc. etc. etc. Jack Nicholson, is the head of Rollerball.

Theodore Rickles, aka Theodore Richler, aka George Wertz, aka Benjamin Gil Abramson, aka Lance Armstrong, aka The Great Gatsby is living Giorgio Moroder's Midnight Express.

Recep Erodogan, the head of NATO, is the head of Medicare. Donald Rumsfeld, shake his hand or T. Rex, break it off. VICE, is Betty Tureens Al Tanf Brigade, ISIS. Barnaby Jones, Jed Clampett are going to take revenge for Coldplay Paradise. The Beverly Hillbillies are tatoo parlour franchise owners for BRX.

Please Christmas Don't Be Late, Alfred Hess or Exxon Valdez, the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Why did you let the TU-95 and TU-160 through the IRON CURTAIN. The F-22 is the ATF.

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